Northwest Passage Dance Camp
Labor Day Weekend, September 2 to 5, 2022

Camper Info

What should I bring to camp?

What should I NOT bring?

How can I help out?

Our residential dance camp is a community creation where campers come together to dance, eat, and commune with each other in a collective setting.  It couldn't take place without the generous contribution of time and energy by all.  We ask that campers volunteer for two "camp jobs" during the weekend, so that camp is a rich and joyous experience for all.  There will be camper chore sign-up sheets near the entrance to Fanning Hall when you check in.  Thank you in advance for pitching in!

When can I show up on Friday?

Early arrival is only by special arrangement with the registrar for those setting up camp or working in the kitchen.  Contact us if you are interested in these limited positions.

Tenting campers may arrive at 4:00pm on Friday for pre-check-in.  They will select a specific tent site or platform, haul their equipment up, set up their tent site, and then return to Fanning at 5:00pm for check-in.

Car/RV campers may arrive at 4:00pm on Friday in order for the parking crew to assign your parking place (no self-park please), and/or make any special arrangements.  Then come to Fanning at 5:00pm for regular check-in.

Campers in cabins may arrive around 4:30pm on Friday.  Let the parking crew assign your parking place (no self-park please). You'll need the building assignment received in your "Camper Welcome" email (see buildings on the camp map). After arriving at camp, to your assigned building rooms (locations on the camp map), pick out a bed and unload your stuff.  Then come to Fanning at 5:00pm for check-in.

How does check-in work?

We haven't quite figured out the new check-in procedures to deal with constantly change COVID situation.  We'll update this as we get closer to the dates.

How do I give feedback about camp?

As we reach the end of camp, we really want to encourage you to give us feedback on the evaluation forms we make available.  Please take the time to provide the kind of information you would want to know if you were running camp.

On the middle of the form we have a quality rating chart and we ask that if any score is less than perfect, please make suggestions of what you would change to improve that score on the back of the form.  Those details will make it more likely that we can actually do better.

When does camp end?

Camp ends Monday after brunch and the final dance party (roughly around 1:30p), in time to drive home before the traffic gets really heavy.