Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2019


Camp happens because of our wonderful combination of artistic talent, administrative staff, and wonderful dancers like you.


No security clearances are required to enjoy Seattle's KGB.  With fiddle, mandolin, guitar and piano, KGB creates subversive music, lulling the unwary with traditional New England contradance tunes, then jumping off into Balkan modalities, tango riffs and bluesy jigs.

Claude Ginsburg's violin melts, swings, growls, soars. He infuses KGB's music with passion, rhythm, hitting notes high on the fingerboard with power and sweetness. Claude deftly inserts elements of Klezmer, Latin American, jazz fusion and French Romantic music into New England fiddle tunes, while years of contradance playing keeps his music connected to the dancers.

Dave Bartley strikes sparks with his wicked mandolin, driving guitar and lush cittern. He glides from melody to harmony to rhythm to counterpoint, throwing in rock riffs, cross-rhythms, classical motifs and Eastern tonalities. From beater pianos to concert grands, Julie King fully exploits the percussive range of seven octaves. Her piano style is driving, richly chordal, providing KGB's music with emotional tension.

Julie King has been the rhythmic backbone in numerous bands for over 15 years. Waiting for Snow, one of her superb waltzes, is included in The Waltz Book II. The recently published Waltz Book III contains two more of her waltzes, Flathead Lake and Call It a Night.

Eloise & Co.

Eloise & Co. features the combined creative force of two of the country’s most sought-after dance musicians, fiddler Becky Tracy and accordionist Rachel Bell , joined for camp by superstar guest guitarist Andrew VanNorstrand.  This trio crank out dance and concert music with unbridled energy and soaring beauty.  Their depth and versatility is evident not only in their dynamic playing but also in their rich and unique repertoire, ranging from exciting original compositions to rock-solid traditional tunes.

Eloise & Co. was born out of Becky and Rachel’s transcendent melodic connection, their shared love for powerful rhythmic momentum, and their joy in making music together. The blissful vibe is contagious, drawing everyone in the room into a sublime and memorable experience.

Adina Gordon

Adina Gordon finds an outlet for her loves of travel, music, dance and silliness by calling and dancing throughout the US and Canada, creating joy and minor chaos wherever she goes. Combining a voice that makes you want to do what she says with a commitment to using that power for good and not evil, Adina calls contra, English and squares both old and new that cause spontaneous eruptions of joy on dance floors.

Based in Burlington, VT, Adina has called dances in 37 US states spanning all six American time zones, as well as 3 Canadian provinces and Israel. Dancers frequently remark on Adina's energy and joy, which is both highly evident and highly contagious. She believes that when it comes to dance, If you're laughing and smiling, you're doing it right.

Adina's goal is to get you dancing and get out of the way. She says more, with fewer words, to maximize dancing and minimize talking.

Mary Wesley

Raised in the cradle of Vermont’s Green Mountains, Mary Wesley found her way to a Burlington contra dance in the fall of 2005 and was immediately hooked. She started calling in 2008 and keeps a full schedule, which includes gigs up and down both coasts. Mary loves to share her infectious joy for traditional dancing with dancers of all ages and she has something to offer every crowd. She calls family and community dances with great joy and finds "chestnuts" absolutely irresistible.

After taking a course with Ralph Sweet and Nils Fredland at Pinewoods in 2011, Mary has also been working on building her repertoire of singing squares. Her calls are sure to make dancers smile and sing along.

John Oorthuys

Highly regarded by dancers, musicians, and callers for his high-quality sound work, John Oorthuys has handled the board for too many dances, balls, camps, and special events for PCDC and surrounding Pacific Northwest communities. He's has been the camp sound engineer for years and years, and his wizardry makes the sound fantastic.


These are the folks who help make camp happen:
  • Ethel Gullette - committee chair and chief cat herder
  • Ric Goldman - website, site liaison, housing & work-trade coordinator
  • Stewart Hall - registration, executive vice president in charge of "here, hold this"
  • Rick Piel - treasurer and fountain of good ideas
  • Richard Scher - publicity, wordsmithing, logistics, parking czar
  • Sue Songer - co-programmer, source of positive karma
  • Erik Weberg - co-programmer and a bit of everything else

  • and lets not forget:
  • Kitchen - They feed us good food with good thoughts
  • Work-traders - these folks do a lot of the heavy lifting to make camp happen
  • All our wonderful campers who sign up for 2 chores during camp