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Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2020

Online Registration

You may submit a request for up to two campers. Just fill out the form and when ready, click the Submit button below to send in your registration request (you'll receive an email acknowledgement with all the details from the form). After you submit the request, you'll be given the option to make a payment online, and/or submit another registration request for additional campers. Remember, you are not registered until we receive all monies due. When payment is received, you will receive a separate email notification within a week with your registration status (e.g. confirmed, on waiting list, etc).

Click on the or images below to reveal/hide the part of the form for a particular camper.
The Submit button processes everything whether is it showing or not.
Items with an asterisk (*) are required.
Error messages will appear at the top of the form in red.
For faster data entry, use the tab key to skip to the next form field.

2020 Northwest Passage Dance Camp Registration Form

Registrar's use only

First camper

First Name*

Last Name*

Name on Badge (if you leave blank, we set to first and last name)

Gender* (check one)

Street Address*

Zip/Postal code* (Entering the Zip code may populate City and State. Make sure those are also correct)



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Telephone* (enter at least one; will format as xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Email Address*

Sleeping Accommodation* (check one)
Performing staff
No preference
Women only
Men only
Families with kids
Offsite (motel or other)
Platform tent (contains cots for up to 5; limited spaces available)
Private tent (limited spaces available)
   (For private tents, help us manage small vs. and large tent locations)
   Private tent size Single Multiple

Rooming With (list companion(s) sharing your room, tent, or offsite space)

Camper Roster (uncheck items to REMOVE from the roster)
Name (uncheck Name to remove everything)
Street address
Day phone
Evening phone

YES! Please share my information with other organizers/events.

Registration Type*(check one)
   (prices based on postmark or transmission date):
Paid staff (no fee)
Staff partner ($165)
Committee ($165)
Adult ($330 until June 30, $350 after)
Adult Offsite ($310 until June 30, $330 after)
Adult Tent ($310 until June 30, $330 after)
Adult RV/Car Camping ($310 until June 30, $330 after)
Youth under 30 ($255 until June 30, $275 after)
Teen 10-18 yr-old ($90 until June 30, $100 after)
Child 2-9 yr-old ($60 until June 30, $70 after)

Special camp fee (Note: you MUST specify a Registration Type above even if using this, and you MUST add a note in Comments below as per Registrar's instruction. DO NOT USE without prior discussion from the Registrar.)

Work Trade requests (check as many as appropriate)
I am applying for a work trade position.
If work trade is not available, I will attend at full price. (Pay full price now. If work trade awarded, difference will be refunded).

Donation - I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to PCDC for

Amount due for this camper $

Car/RV Campers (please fill in to help us manage the parking area - space is very limited)
   Vehicle type Car  RV  SUV  Camper Van  Car with trailer  Other
   Vehicle make , model
   If your vehicle is larger than "average car size" (15' long, 6' wide),
      please specify length here and width here
   If you ABSOLUTELY need a vehicle hook-up to survive, check here
   Anything else we should know about your vehicle?

Dietary Preferences (check all appropriate and at least one)*
Omnivore - I enjoy both meat and veggies
No red meat - I eat veggies, fish, and poultry
Vegetarian - I eat veggies, but no meat, fish, or poultry
Vegan - I eat only veggies, no meat, eggs, cheese, etc.

List any other dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. we should be aware of (optional):

Comments - elaborate on any of the above, or add additional information about this camper. Let us know if we missed anything, or there is something else we should know (optional):

Registrar's use only

Second camper

(We tell you this again on the next page, but if paying by check, make it payable to PCDC, write the camper name(s) in the memo section of the check, and mail it to: NWP 2020, c/o Ric Goldman, 15052 SE River Forest Dr, Portland, OR 97267-2509)