Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2018


Maivish is a collaboration between American fiddler Jaige Trudel, British born guitarist Adam Broome and Virginia native Matthew Olwell on flutes and percussion.  Jaige and Adam have been performing together since 2001 for dances, festivals and concerts throughout North America and abroad, predominantly with the band Crowfoot.   Matthew has been performing and teaching as a dancer and percussionist at festivals and theatres across North America and Europe since 1996.  Having crossed paths on the folk circuit for many years these three musicians have joined together to explore and cultivate traditional and original music for dancing and the concert stage.

Maivish is celebrated for a powerfully rhythmic, lyrical sound that is honed to perfection for dancing.  Their name comes from an English colloquial term for the Song Thrush.

Jaige Trudel (fiddle, cello) grew up in rural Vermont amidst a musical family and has been a full-time professional musician since 2001, performing and giving workshops throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. Also a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, she has a particular interest in offering assistance to musicians, dancers and artists. She enjoys organic gardening and giving astrological readings in between musical projects.

Adam Broome (guitar, jaw harp, bouzouki) grew up in the Cotswolds in west-central England.  His formative years were inspired by Shakespearean theatre and dance through the work of his father, choreographer John Broome.  His musical training began with choral music performance, primarily as a soloist. Adam developed his own interpretation of guitar technique in the folk genre, influenced primarily by the folk song and dance traditions of his native England.  He has focused on the craft of song writing, composition and arranging and has been making music his profession since 1976.

Matthew Olwell (flutes, bodhrán, and percussive dance) grew up in a family of instrument-makers, immersed in a world of music, dance, and theatre, and performed for nine years with the Maryland-based Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble. A co-founder of Good Foot Dance Company, Matthew is a multimedia artist who ascribes to his grandfather’s definition of a dilettante: “one who delights in many things.”