Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2018

David Millstone

David Millstone started contra dancing with Dudley Laufman in the early 1970s and has been calling dances for forty years.  He calls contras, squares, English Country, and interesting dances in odd formations. He is known for his clear and supportive teaching style, the breadth of his repertoire, his sense of humor, and his ability to pick dances that offer the right level of challenge for all audiences.

After many years as a hard-core contra dancer who resisted English country dance—"What? No swings?"—David saw the light at English-American Week at Pinewoods in 1987, and he has been calling English dances regularly since 1993. He is drawn to the rich variety of moods and music that English dance offers, from elegant to zesty, with longways and set dances offering interesting and unusual dance choreography. In addition to sharing dances with others who already appreciate the style, he particularly enjoys introducing English country dance to dancers who are new to this form. He says, "I try to maintain contra dance brevity of instruction to maximize the amount of time that folks actually spend dancing."