Northwest Passage Dance Camp - 2020

Accommodations - (see camp map)

Upon arrival, please go to Fanning Hall to check-in, sign up for two chores, indicate where you will be staying (you can go look at the cabins first!), and get your button. Check-in opens at 5 PM.

For Cabin Dwellers:

NOTE: The campsite does not provide bedding - be sure to bring your own sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc.

Cabins are located in three areas of the camp, under Fanning Hall, Cy Lodge and the dorms next to Laurel Lodge. All are convenient to the dance hall.  Cabins have shared rooms accommodating 4-to-10 campers, shared bathrooms, and some refrigeration facilities.  Space is allocated depending on the mix of registrants lodging preferences indicated on the registration form. The dorms are usually one half men only and one half women only. Fanning and Cy are for staff and couples. 

Signup for cabins is first-come-first-serve during check-in at camp and are not reserved in advance.

For Campers/Tenters:

Tenting "slots" are allocated first-come-first-serve based on registration date.  On the day of camp, tenters will choose their actual location on first-come-first-serve arrival at camp.  Specific locations may not be requested in advance, but we may make special arrangements for out-of-towners with travel logistics.

Use the main entrance to arrange parking.  Then head to Fanning Hall to see the available spaces. After you pitch your tent, come back to Fanning Hall to let us know what space you took, and to actually check-in for camp.

Due to new restrictions from the camp site owners, there are a VERY LIMITED number of tent locations.  There are officially only 12 "private tent" spots (although we will try to get more allocated).

There are also 7 "platform tent" shared spaces (large canvas tents on a raised platform).  Each platform has room for 5 campers on cots with mattresses).  These are located in the woods east of the bathhouse and pool.  The platform tents do not have electricity, heat, or cupboards like the cabins, but they do provide an experience more like truly camping (but without having to pitch your tent, although you can if you want to).  We highly recommend these.

For RVers:

Enter at the main entrance to the camp and then take an immediate right. The RV area is near Laurel Lodge and the maintenance building. Electricity is available in these areas. After you set up come over to Fanning Hall to register and indicate you are in an RV.

RV sites are first-come-first-serve. There is a limited number of RV sites. If you indicate you want an RV site on your registration, the first received registrations will be added to the list in order. (Note: We've never had to turn down an RV request, but you never know.)

For Offsite dancers:
There are several good motels or other accommodations located in or near Government Camp for those who wish to commute to camp.